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Everything starts in 2018 to be exact starting in November. We are just a fad to create a business group in the IT field. Initially only opened a division for website creation. Currently the software division (Website) is headed by Mr. Bintang.
Then in 2019 in January, everything seemed to be moving quickly, Mr. Yong Chen, who gave us capital, gave us one division and gave a mandate to Mr. Handoko to be able to handle this division, namely the hardware division.
Everything feels fast and so fast, since we opened the software and hardware division, there have been many clients who have come to entrust us to create websites and provide consultation on consulting for their companies.
Over time, we also opened a design division for logo design, company profile, business cards and other designs. This division is also headed by Mr. Bintang. And as time goes on, more and more clients trust us. We are also constrained by financial management and other management. And Mr. Yong Chen entrusted Mr. Handoko to head the management at our new office.
And now we continue to grow and will improve our service and quality. We know that we have to develop with the times and technology.



Before the project work begins, we need to discuss how this project works. Basically this is a list of goals that need to be achieved to make the final result. After that, we will do data collection, data needed for system requirements, both from the description of the article and what will be given to visitors.



After the data collection is complete, we usually directly involve the development team, the management team, to clarify the details of the client story, and the next stage we immediately design how UI design, code, and other techniques. We synchronize users with the latest developments, improve communication, identify obstacles that must be eliminated. In this way the proccess of carrying out work can be done on time.



In this session, work is indicated. We also prepare for any changes that nneed to be made in accordance with the agreement. We always accept contructive suggestions to see what is going well, what is wrong and what can be improved in the proccess. This allowsus to continue to grow and develop.


We're led by a team who constantly questions, tinkers, and challengers to unlock great creativity around every turn.

Yong Cen

CEO & Founder

Whatever you do, if you do it with your heart and as strong and strong as you can. Believe that someone's success is judged to be what he gets. Don't count too much, the most important thing is to try and learn.

Bintang Tobing

Co-Founder & Web Apps Developer

The second important things after dreaming of it is do it. Many people have so much an idea and plan, but just a few of many people do that things for make it worth it. So, do it to achieve it.

Handoko Wijaya

Co-Founder & Technical Developer

Success is the dream of all people in the world, but success also has many different meanings. Do what is a passion of yourself and you will not work forever.

Malvin Moses

Chief Design

Keep working and don't give up, Keep working, keep revising and don't worry about various rejection from the client. Why? Because in the end you will find the answer.

Our awesome clients we've had the pleasure to work with!